NEC Releases World's First Intel Core 2 Duo Notebooks

NEC Rolls Out World's first Intel Core 2 Duo Notebook

The World's First Intel Core 2 Duo Notebook!

Behind a closed door event for the launch of the most powerful NEC notebooks yet, Mr. Wu Tengguo, NEC Managing Director for South & Southeast Asia Sales, stirred up murmurs of suspicion by making the media agree to a non-disclosure agreement that was to be lifted on the 28th of August. Turns out, the agreement was inline with Intel's embargo of the Core 2 Duo processor for notebooks, which was the real reason behind the agreement. Nevertheless, the big news is that NEC has beaten big-time names such as ASUS, DELL and Sony in unveiling the world's first Core 2 Duo processor notebooks.

Along with the first world's first two Core 2 Duo notebooks, the NEC Versa 6200 and 6210, Mr. Wu also revealed NEC's latest strategy for the Asian region. By leveraging on their position as the first to ship Intel Core 2 Duo notebooks, NEC expects to plough through the local market with momentum to grab leadership of the premium notebook segment. Working hand-in-hand with Intel, NEC also plans to sustain 80% of their lineup based upon the Core 2 Duo processor in an aggressive marketing move to align NEC with its up-market branding goal.

Clearly, putting 80% of its 'eggs' in a basket is always going to be a gamble, however, judging by their impeccable record in Japan, NEC's ambition does not appear to be too farfetched at all. After all, the NEC brand is currently the market leader and is known for their stringent quality control and excellent customer satisfaction.

Mr. Wu Tengguo, Managing Director, South & Southeast Asia Sales, introduces NEC's effort at the premium notebook market - the Versa 6200 and 6210. Both notebooks are the first of its kind to be equipped with Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

The Versa 6200 & 6210: Shouting Style and Functionality

Surely there couldn't be anything better then a functional notebook powered by one of the most powerful processors - well maybe except if the notebook happens to be a looker as well. Dressed in a typical designer's outfit of a jet-black suit, award-winning designer, Jun Katsunuma, was at the event to grace the presentation of the notebook he helped to pen and bring to production.

Katsunuma San explained how even the tiniest detail was given absolute attention on the drawing board, extending right down to the luxurious scratch-resistant leather-like texture that on the exterior facade of the LCD. Even the latch that NEC traditionally used to secure LCD screen in place has been done away for effortlessly one-handed operation. Other features include a discreet one-touch videoconference system that works without compromising the sleek design and elegant curves visioned by Katsunuma San, as well as a practical remote control that could be kept hidden when not in use.

International award-winning designer, Mr. Jun Katsunuma, talks about the intricacies of the notebooks he designed with special emphasis on attention to details. He aspires to draw young executives on the move with the notebook's leather-like texture as well as sleek lines and curves.

The new NEC notebooks feature a luxurious scratch-resistant leather texture using a specialized plastic process - all this without hurting any real animals...or rights activists. The notebook also sports a latchless design that works beautifully!

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