MSI Launches New Mobos in China

The New and the Ancient

The New and the Ancient

When MSI picked the historical city of Dunhuang to launch their latest products, it was meant to give us a chance to admire the ancient history of China as well as the opportunity to understand MSI's vision of the future.

Dunhuang is situated in Juiquan, in the Gansu province of China. It's the site where ancient China once connected with the outer world during the Han and Tang dynasties. It is also located at the junction of the northern and southern Silk Roads.

 The Mogao Grottoes, located in Dunhuang, contains 492 temples beautifully sculpted and built inside caves. In it, you'll find Buddhist art as old as 1,000 years.

MSI's Vision of the PC in 2008

At the launch of MSI's latest motherboards, Vincent Lai, Director of MSI's Global Marketing Group, talked about the changes to the PC as we enter into 2008. MSI believes that the PC will still remain to be a powerful tool for both businesses and consumers and in order to meet the changing needs of users, MSI has strategically positioned itself to enhance its products to cater to the following areas :-

  • Microsoft Windows Vista - Although Windows Vista may not be the preferred operating system today, MSI believes that it will eventually gain popularity as it enters 2008. Since hardware requirements for Vista is higher than Windows XP, MSI is convinced that the next generation of products will be more than adequate to experience Vista to its fullest, in addition to being more affordable.
  • FSB 1333MHz - Performance is essential to anything and everything, whether for work or play. Intel's 1333MHz front side bus today will be mainstream tomorrow.
  • Multi-core - As software complexity increases and gamers demand more reality in graphics, so does the need for multi-core processors increase. MSI believes in positioning itself to offer users multi-core products when it becomes available.
  • HDMI - High-definition gaming or entertainment will be here to stay. As users begin to move their PCs to the living room, HDMI will be the interface of choice. Expect to see more MSI graphics and motherboard products to support the HDMI interface in 2008.
  • 0.45nm technology - Intel's process technology has brought us products based on the state-of-the-art 45nm process today. MSI believes 45nm products will be the key building blocks of future PCs due to the performance they offer and its lower power consumption.
  • Robson technology - Solid state memory will also find its role in MSI's 2008 vision, through Intel's Robson technology. MSI will not only offer the Robson module in their notebooks, but also in their upcoming motherboards.
  • DDR3 memory - The transition to DDR3 memory will be inevitable and MSI thinks it will happen in 2008. They are ready to offer products for DDR3 memory when that happens.
  • DirectX 10 - Gamers will increasingly want DirectX 10 compatible products for their gaming purposes. As such, you can be sure that MSI will offer a wide range of graphics products to support gamers.

 Vincent Lai, Director of MSI's Global Marketing Group spoke passionately about MSI's vision of the PC in 2008.

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