Motorola at CES 2011: (M)powered Devices

(Motorola)-powered Devices

(Motorola)-powered Devices

With the start of the new year comes new things, and Motorola has formally split into two separate companies, Motorola Solutions and Motorola Mobility. The latter will now be focused entirely on the mobile side of things, while leaving the former to government and enterprise business. So it's apt that Motorola Mobility starts off their Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2011 events with the launch of four new products together with their new "Life M-Powered" slogan.

The Motorola Atrix 4G

First up is the Motorola Atrix (which if you do the maths, it's Matrix, get it?), a 4G phone that's exclusive to AT&T in the US. It's not limited to just the US market though, as the phone will also be launching for Bell in Canada and for Orange in the UK. This is interesting though, since the phone has 4G capabilities while the UK doesn't have a 4G network at all. This means there will be a 3G version. Which also means there will be a good chance we will see the Atrix 4G in Singapore some time in the future.

One of the main features of the Atrix 4G and in our opinion, one of the coolest features we've seen so far, is that the Atrix 4G can be docked and turned into a desktop computer. That's right, the phone has a hidden OS that we're guessing is Linux-based and has a desktop version of Mozilla's Firefox included. You can even install add-ons from what we've seen.

If a desktop version is not for you, then Motorola has a notebook dock that features a 11.6-inch screen and a battery for 8 hours of use. It also charges your phone when its plugged in, and allows you to type with a physical keyboard and use the phone with a larger screen when you need to do some work. Crazy as it sounds, it's a pretty cool concept that we've only heard before in the now dead Palm Foleo (though in the Foleo's case, the companion smartphone wasn't docked).