Microsoft Wedge Mobile vs. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover - Clash of the Tablet Keyboards

Features, Usability & Conclusion


If you have already noticed, the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard comes with a rubberized cover that is both versatile and multi-purpose in nature. While storing the device, the cover protects the keyboard from dust and other external elements. Ironically however, the cover gets dirty easily due to its matte/rubber-topped surface. On the plus side, users can carry it with the tablet - by placing the covered keyboard with rubberized surface facing the tablet's screen - without fear of damaging its screen due to its finish. Fortunately, it doesn't just end there. The cover can be used as a stand for your tablet, allowing users to prop their devices at varied angles. Worried about spoiling it or bending it out of shape? No need for that as the cover feels pretty tough, sturdy and hopefully, will last long as well. It also doubles up as a tool of sorts that can be bent into a right-angle to function as a stand for your tablet.

The Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard allows you to prop your tablet at a right angle with your case on!
If you prefer for your tablet to be propped at a higher angle, simply adjust the Wedge Mobile Keyboard's case accordingly. 

On the other hand, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard offers much less options when it comes to elevation. In fact, it only offers one. When the accessory is laid out flat on a surface, you will notice a white angled slot just above the keys. Place your iPad in that slot, either in landscape or portrait orientation. We would advise users to place it in landscape with its left side facing the slot as your iPad would snap in place (because of the magnets in your tablet), allowing you to easily and securely move them together. Do take note that you have to remove your iPad cover before doing so; otherwise, your tablet would not fit properly.

The Logitech keyboard only allows you to prop your iPad at one angle. On the plus side, the accessory is less bulky than its Microsoft counterpart since it's purpose built for the iPad.

Place your iPad in landscape with its left side facing the slot found on the Logitech keyboard cover. It would snap in place because of the magnets in your tablet, allowing you to easily and securely move them together.


Usability and Performance

Of course, the key experience of the keyboards is to emulate the PC keyboard typing experience as closely as possible. Both accessories performed adequately in this expect, but we have to give points to the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard in this round as there were several factors in its favor. First off, the slight elevation due to the protrusion at the bottom makes the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard more comfortable for typing. The Logitech Keyboard for the iPad lays flat on its side and comes with flat chiclet-styled keys, which makes for slightly uncomfortable typing. Adding on, the keys on the Wedge Mobile Keyboard are bigger, better spaced out and offer more tactile feedback, which indirectly leads to less mistypes and misspellings.

The chiclet-styled Logitech keyboard is reminiscent of Apple's own bluetooth keyboard. We preferred the Microsoft Wedge keyboard because of its familiar 'old-school' design and wider keys that make for easier typing.

Of course, the Microsoft Wedge Keyboard is built especially for Windows 8 tablets, which means some of its dedicated shortcut buttons only work devices using the upcoming OS. Nonetheless, general shortcut buttons like volume and play/pause worked well on the iPad.

Dedicated shortcut functions on the Logitech accessory can only be accessed while pressing the FN key as well. Thankfully, functions were more varied due to the fact that it is made specifically for use with an iPad. Aside the usual volume and play/pause options, you can also cut/copy texts or objects and open a virtual keyboard.


The Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard (S$99) gets plus points for comfortable typing and affordable pricing - the versatile accessory comes with a sturdy rubberised cover that doubles up as a prop for your tablet. From what we see, it should be able to support tablets of varying sizes at different angles. The keyboard itself comes cleverly designed with a slight protrusion at the bottom (for battery intake) that keeps it propped at a comfortable angle, thus making it less straining on your wrists. To round it up, its keys are wider and provides better tactile feedback. Overall, its usability is higher than the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and is more versatile too as it's compatible with almost any other Bluetooth device.

Both the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard and the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover are great accessories catered for different needs. So choose wisely based on personal expectations.

Overall Score Sheet for Mobile Keyboard Accessories
Criteria Microsoft Wedge
Mobile Keyboard
Logitech Ultrathin
Keyboard Cover
Design  8.5 8.0
Features  9.0 8.5
Performance  8.5 7.5
Value  9.0 8.5
Overall   8.5  8.0

On the other hand, the Logitech keyboard cover is easier to store as it is flat, slimmer and portable. The downside is of course, the Logitech keyboard cover is built primarily for the iPad. It comes with dedicated keys for the iPad and it also doubles up as a smart cover for easy storage.

Our conclusion? If you have an iPad, don't yet have a cover for it and can afford to top up an extra S$40 more than the Microsoft counterpart, we would easily recommend the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover (S$139). However, if you don't mind the slight extra bulk to your bag of accessories, the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard is a neat and more affordable gadget to add on to the list. Not to mention that it gives you a better typing experience. Better yet, if you are planning to share the Wedge Mobile Keyboard with other devices within your friends/family circle or own multiple tablets running on different platforms, it is definitely the better bet of the pair.

Either way, both products offer pretty good value compared to standard tablet covers, which can easily fetch half the asking price of both these gadgets.

Final Ratings

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

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