Master Overclocking Arena 2008 - Live!

A Gathering of Overclocking Masters

A Gathering of Overclocking Masters

Fans of the wuxia genre will find Huashan a storied locale mentioned in various literary works, which is why it seems more than a coincidence that the Master Overclocking Arena 2008 (MOA) tournament is held at the appropriately named Huashan Cultural-Creative Park. For this is a gathering, not of martial arts exponents, but exponents nonetheless, in the modern art and science of overclocking.

Held on the 9th of November, MSI invited up to twelve teams from all over the world to participate in this overclocking tournament. These contestants have been chosen by MSI from their respective countries after showing that they have the overclocking skills in their national finals. Some may even be familiar names to some of you readers, especially if you have followed our recently concluded HardwareZone IronTech 2008 tournament. In fact, the top three countries and their representatives in IronTech automatically earned the right to participate in the Master Overclocking Arena 2008.

While IronTech was won by Singaporean contestant, Jeremiah Ong, he was unfortunately unable to attend this Master Overclocking Arena tournament in Taiwan due to national service commitment. Therefore, Malaysia's Ng Teng Liang and Alex Tan will replace the Singapore representatives, and along with the Indonesian and Thai contestants, will be trying their best to win this international event.

 The cavernous warehouse-like arena for MSI's Master Overclocking Arena 2008. Each team of contestants is given a dedicated workbench to do their overclocking.

This is the first time that MSI is organizing an overclocking event of such an international scale and the company has prepared some very attractive prizes for the top three teams, including their P45D3 Platinum motherboard and Radeon HD 4850 graphics card. There are also hard drives from Western Digital, like its super fast VelociRaptors, PSUs from Enermax and even MSI's latest motherboard for the Intel X58 chipset, the Eclipse. That's just for the hardware, with the top duo in addition, sharing a cash reward of US$3000.

With so many highly motivated overclocking experts gathered for this competition, who will emerge as the Master? Also, check out MSI's website on MOA, with live updates on the results and online voting for the winner of MOA.

 The workbench for each team has a standard set of components prepared for them, including your essential display, keyboard, mouse and power supply.

 Contestants are given a final briefing on the rules of conduct before they collect their components.

 To brief them on the rules, MSI has arranged for top overclocker, Norwegian Sturla, aka Stoolman to be the judge for this event.

 To ensure that the critical hardware (motherboard and graphics card) for the teams are randomly assigned, the contestants have to draw lots to determine which set they receive.

 Large canisters of liquid nitrogen are ready for the contestants' overclocking attempts. It certainly looks like there's enough nitrogen here to cool the entire arena.

 Going along with this 'wuxia' theme, we spotted this 'secret manual' published by Intel introducing its Core 2 processors.

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