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2011 was a year of great changes and shake-ups for the mobile landscape. Samsung finally overpowered Apple as the world’s top smartphone maker in the July-September period, toppling everyone's favorite fruit from its throne. With last year's introduction of the iOS 5-flavored Apple iPhone 4S and Android 4.0 Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the competition is all set to be hotter between the Big Two this year.

The Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 Windows Phone 7.5 devices made their debut late last year as well, adding more variety and competition to the mobile line-up. While Research in Motion (RIM) had nothing much to show for their newly-announced BlackBerry 10 OS, details revealed this year unveiled much promise about a revamped UI and radical design changes.

2011 might have been the year for dual-core smartphones, but 2012 is set to be the year for more powerful, less battery-sapping quad-core smartphones such as those based on the NVIDIA Tegra 3

We know the challenges involved in choosing a smartphone. Do the latest mobile operating systems have the chops to get things running? Are you looking at a larger display on your smartphone? Does a faster processor speed and more cores matter? How do all these factors tie together in the big picture? All that, shall be answered in HardwareZone's Smartphone Buying Guide Essentials. Check out the jump links to the right to dive into the details.

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Five Things You Need to Know about ASUS's PixelMaster Camera Technology

Five Things You Need to Know about ASUS's PixelMaster Camera Technology

FEATURE / 16 Apr 2014 / By Sidney Wong

ASUS's PixelMaster camera technology may not sound new, but it is enhanced and improved for the ZenFone series. We compile five things you need to know about the updated PixelMaster feature.

Showdown: HTC One (M8) vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Sony Xperia Z2

Showdown: HTC One (M8) vs. Samsung Galaxy S5 vs. Sony Xperia Z2

FEATURE / 11 Apr 2014 / By James Lu

With HTC, Samsung and Sony all releasing new flagship smartphones, you may be facing the dilemma of which one to buy. We've reviewed all three, but now it's time to compare them head-to-head.

Samsung Galaxy S5 review

Samsung Galaxy S5 - Far From Basic

REVIEW / 10 Apr 2014 / By James Lu

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 at MWC in February, CEO JK Shin, said Samsung was "going back to basics." But with an IP67 dust and water resistant build, fingerprint scanner, heart rate sensor and phase detection autofocus, the S5 is anything but basic. Are these just more gimmicky features, or is this the next Galaxy evolution? We find out.

Sony Xperia Z2 review

Sony Xperia Z2 - Third Time's a Charm

REVIEW / 07 Apr 2014 / By James Lu

The Xperia Z2 is Sony's latest flagship smartphone, and the replacement for the six-month old Z1. It utilizes almost the same IP58 rated aluminum and glass build as the Z1, but sports a slightly larger 5.2-inch display. It's also been upgraded to Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801 processor and is now running on Android 4.4 KitKat. Worth upgrading? We find out.

HTC One (M8) review

HTC One (M8) - Redefining Premium Flagship Smartphones One More Time

REVIEW / 02 Apr 2014 / By Sidney Wong

After much media buzz and anticipation, the HTC One (M8) is finally coming to Singapore this weekend. Armed with a bigger display and two rear cameras, does the One (M8) have what it takes to stand its ground against the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2? Read on to find out more!

Hands-on: HTC One (M8) Smartphone

Hands-on: HTC One (M8) Smartphone

FEATURE / 25 Mar 2014 / By Sidney Wong

HTC finally took the wraps off its latest flagship smartphone, the One (M8) after much anticipation, leaks and teaser videos. It comes with two rear cameras, a slightly larger display, and a new Sense 6 interface. We take it for a quick spin, so read on to find out about our initial impressions.

Seven Hidden Tricks You Didn't Know About Xiaomi's MIUI V5 OS

Seven Hidden Tricks You Didn't Know About Xiaomi's MIUI V5 OS

FEATURE / 24 Mar 2014 / By Sidney Wong

Xiaomi's MIUI OS is famous for its high level of customization and features. We've gone through an extensive discussion on its major features, but what about its hidden, lesser known features? Here's a list of seven tips you didn't know about MIUI V5.

LG G Pro 2 review

LG G Pro 2 Phablet - An Upsized G2

REVIEW / 19 Mar 2014 / By Sidney Wong

The LG G Pro 2 has been billed as the "best of phablets" which is always learning from you. As the successor to the value-oriented Optimus G Pro phablet, what new features does the G Pro 2 bring to the table? Can LG take on Samsung and others in the phablet market? Find out in this review of their flagship product!