Low Voltage DDR3 1600MHz Memory Shootout - Joining the Eco Club

Temperature & Power Consumption


While it was difficult to decide which memory module stood out in our performance tests, temperature was another story. With its heat-pipe design, OCZ's Reaper HPC module was definitely well equipped to handle the cooling part of the equation and it bagged the lowest temperatures from our laser thermometer. Kingston's HyperX LoVo was a close second but what impressed us was Kingmax's Hercules, which managed a respectable third out of the four competitors with its lack of the usual heat spreader. Evidently, the Nano Thermal Dissipation technology Kingmax touts works decently.

Finally, the higher voltage of the typical Kingston HyperX memory module used as our reference meant that it had the highest temperature among the modules tested.


Power Consumption

With their low voltages, power consumption should be the strong point of these four memory modules. Unfortunately, our testing found very minor differences between the 1.7V reference Kingston HyperX and these 1.35 to 1.5V low voltage memory modules. Be it idle or peak, the differences were hardly persuasive, though we suppose that over a sufficiently long period of time, one may see a minor impact on the electricity bill. This might be more measurable in large organizations and in dense memory densities used in servers. Oddly, the Kingston HyperX LoVo even surprised us with a peak power draw that was higher than its rivals.


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