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Logitech Gaming Keyboards and Headsets

Keyboards and Headsets

Logitech has also added two new gaming keyboards and two gamer-oriented headsets to their family of gaming peripherals. We'll start off detailing the keyboards:-

Logitech G19s Gaming Keyboard

The G19s is the new flagship keyboard from Logitech, replacing the Logitech G710+ at the top of the pyramid of their offerings. Surprisingly though, the new product does not feature mechanical key switches which are prized by gamers. The keys however are designed to somewhat mimic the tactile sensation of mechanical switches but fall short in this endeavor from our quick trial.

Instead, the main feature of the G19s is the adjustable GamePanel LCD color display which displays information in real time. Background system information, VoIP communication data, video playback and image slide shows help you monitor your gaming or use it for auxiliary purposes. You can even view real time video from your computer's webcam on the display, though we're not quite sure why would one want to see themselves (unless of course it's to perk the interest of female gamers). Logitech stated that developer kits will be provided to game developers if they wish to utilize this feature of the keyboard for further customization.

Another interesting feature is the provision of two powered USB 2.0 ports which can be used to easily plug in your other peripherals such as your mouse or headset. They keyboard has configurable backlighting and users have a total of 16 million colors to choose from. You will also find 12 programmable keys and a 5-key rollover. Users can also choose between three mode (M1, M2 and M3) which takes the total macro keys available up to 36. The G19s is priced at S$299.


Logitech G510s Gaming Keyboard

The new Logitech G510s slots in under the G710s as a medium range option for gamers. In design and functionality, the keyboard resembles the G19s. Like the flagship product, the G510s has a GamePanel LCD although the display is monochrome for this product. It is able to display much of the same information as the GamePanel LCD on the G19s but is incapable of supporting video.

While the G19s has two USB 2.0 ports, the G510s only has 3.5mm ports for headphones ouptut and microphone input. But one area where the G510s outstrips its more premium counterpart is programmable keys. The G510s comes with 18 such keys, six more than the G19s. With the three mode keys (M1, M2 and M3) you can have a total of 54 macro keys. This keyboard also boasts a higher 6-key rollover. It is also configurable backlighting with a selection of 16 million colors. The G510s is priced at S$189.


The G Series Gaming Headsets

Rounding up their gaming peripherals lineup, Logitech also introduced two gaming headsets. The G430 provides virtual 7.1-channel Dolby Surround Sound while the G230 is a stereo headset. Both headsets feature a microphone and the ear-cups can be washed.