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IT Show 2012 - Cameras, Printers, Monitors & Storage Buying Guide

Storage - Buffalo


Need more space to store your stuff? Consider getting storage with USB3.0 if you have the port - transfer speeds can be up to ten times faster. USB3.0 is also backward-compatible with USB2.0, so you might as well get it anyway if you don't have a USB2.0 port to future-proof your purchase. Sadly, 2012, like 2011, still sees a dearth of Thunderbolt storage options.

Buffalo (Level 6, Booth 6346)


Buffalo MiniStation Extreme

How about a portable external HDD built to U.S. military-spec? The 1TB MiniStation Extreme is both rugged and fast, able to withstand shocks and USB3.0 compatible at the same time.

  • IT Show Price: $169
  • Usual Price: $199
  • More Information: HWZ Review


Buffalo MiniStation USB3.0

Another of Buffalo's star buys is the 500GB MiniStation USB3.0 which comes with - you guessed it - USB3.0. It's such a star buy though that only 200 pieces will be offered, so go fast if you want this!

  • IT Show Price: $99
  • Usual Price: $129
  • More Information: HWZ Review


Buffalo LinkStation Duo

The LinkStation Duo is a dual drive shared storage enclosure which excludes any hard-disk drives (you'll have to get those separately). Limited stocks are available at the price of $99.

  • IT Show Price: $99
  • Usual Price: $129


Click here for Buffalo storage brochures.