IFA Berlin, Germany 2006: Pre-IFA Press Day

Panasonic's Pre-IFA Press Day Conference

Panasonic's Pre-IFA Press Day Conference

One of the Pre-IFA Press Day conferences we managed to attend immediately after we touched down was one by Panasonic Europe. Here are some key highlights of what went on and what we saw.

Yoshiiku (Mike) Miyata - Managing Director of Panasonic Marketing Europe.

Yoshiiku (Mike) Miyata, the Managing Director of Panasonic Marketing Europe, greeted European journalists at a special Panasonic Conference held at the IFA Press Day, a day before the official IFA 2006 opens. While the general conference focused on Panasonic's Plasma TV plans for the future of displays, Panasonic did not forget to also touch on its LCD TV strategy moving forward.

In what was a unique press conference presented by key executives from Panasonic Europe, journalists were grouped into cliques of seven or eight around several Panasonic's new VIERA TX-32LX600 LCD TVs (shown only to European journalists, but we were fortunate to be there) to witness what would be a product-by-product feature demo. The conference was fed live to each of the LCD TVs in front of the cliques to demonstrate key features like the TV's 178-degrees viewing angle and IPS Alpha Panel technology.

As mentioned, the press were grouped into cliques of seven or eight around several of Panasonic's new VIERA TX-32LX600 LCD TVs for a more effective demonstration.

The new Panasonic VIERA TX-32LX600 LCD TV.

Panasonic claims an exceptionally wide 178-degrees viewing angle on its latest LCD TV and they managed to deliver it as our firsthand viewing experience reinforces it.

A joint-development among Matsushita (Panasonic), Hitachi and Toshiba, IPS Alpha Panel (In-Plane-Switching) is a type of liquid crystal panel in which liquid crystal molecules are arranged parallel to the panel surface. This allows Panasonic's latest LCD TVs like the 32LX600 to achieve a 178-degree viewing angle both vertically and horizontally, without detrimental sacrifices made to image saturation. The objective is to make it ideal for a living room filled with family members or friends where everyone can enjoy the same quality viewing wherever they sit in the room. While the TX-32LX600 only has a HD panel resolution of 1366 x 768, Panasonic also demonstrated its full HD 1080p plasma TVs in the TH-65PX/PV600 and 103-inch Plasma, both of which we've seen in previous CE tradeshows.

Panasonic's use of the all new IPS Alpha panel technology was integral for its 32LX600 LCD TV's extremely wide viewing angle.

Besides its exceptional wide viewing angle, the 32LX600 also incorporates V-REAL technology that results in deep, vibrant and highly expressive images. Other convenient features touted include the HDAVI Control function that aims to remove cable-clutter and allow users to turn on the power for his or her entire home cinema with a single remote control button and a HDMI connection between say a VIERA LCD TV, Panasonic DIGA recorder and the AV Receiver SA-XR700.

Panasonic also announced its first Blu-ray Disc Player (DMP-BD10), which comes equipped with HDAVI Control and P4HD processing (Pixel Precision Progressive Processing for HD). What the latter does is that it processes more than 15 billion pixels per second to give images with exceptional resolution.

Panasonic announced its first Blu-ray Disc Player (DMP-BD10).

Director of Kingdom of Heaven, Ridley Scott, makes a special pre-recorded appearance at the Panasonic IFA Press Day Conference and shares his excitement about the upcoming Kingdom of Heaven (Director's Cut) Blu-ray Disc due to be released by Twentieth Century Fox in October.

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