IFA 2008: The Full Coverage

Opening Keynote Address by Samsung's Dr. Jongwoo Park

Opening Keynote Address by Samsung's Dr. Jongwoo Park

Following up on our IFA Press Day coverage and Product Highlights, here's the full coverage of what we saw and spotted on the convention grounds in Berlin, Germany for the remainder of our tour. We want to particularly thank Messe Berlin, gfu and the Singapore German Chamber of Commerce for sending us to cover the event.

The opening keynote address of IFA 2008 was delivered by Dr. Jongwoo Park, President and CEO of Digital Media Business, Samsung Electronics to a packed auditorium on the morning of 29 August 2008. In his delivery speech, Dr. Park talked about the 'Seamless Experience', contrasting this to previous keynote speeches which focused on the Digital Renaissance and the creation of Rich Digital Experiences.

According to Dr. Park, while the Digital Renaissance was initiated in 2003 due to the transition from analog to digital, new infrastructure, and the need to proliferate rich content, rich network and rich products, he said that today, consumers are not satisfied as it becomes a greater challenge for them to enjoy products and content in a convenient manner. As he remarked:

"In order to complete the digital renaissance, we must achieve seamless experience. Seamless experience enables users to enjoy the benefits of digital devices and share rich digital experiences anytime, anywhere in the most convenient way."