IDF Spring 2007 Update (Part 2)

SoC Media Processor & Santa Rosa Desktop

SoC Media Processor & Santa Rosa Desktop

Besides new desktop chipsets and processors, expect to see Intel venturing more into the consumer electronics space in the future. During Kim's keynote at IDF, Intel unveiled plans to deliver an IA-based system-on-a-chip (SoC) products for a new generation of internet compatible devices. These products will go into final products such as digital set top boxes, TVs and networked media players.

According to Intel, media devices these days do not have much of the intelligence enabled by good processor capabilities. These devices often fail to integrate the interactivity of the internet with consumer devices such as a set top box, or even an internet enabled TV. It is hoped that with such SoC solutions, manufacturers can deliver compelling products that can take advantage of the chip's strong processing performance.

Scheduled for 2008, Intel's first CE-optimized IA-based SoC solution will be delivered in a package which includes a powerful IA core with leading-edge A/V processing and graphics. Since it is IA-based, manufacturers can take advantage of a cohesive software ecosystem that can help increase compatibility across a number of devices.

The SoC product is basically a highly integrated chip that comes with a powerful processor, memory controller, I/O capabilities (e.g. SATA, USB, etc), AV Pipeline, graphics & display processing and security.

 Intel's aggressive sytem-on-a-chip (SoC) solution includes an IA core, memory controller, I/O controller, graphics & display processing and security.

Intel also talked a lot about an emerging lifestyle segment which saw the demand for highly integrated systems in small form factors. In order to meet the requirements of this particular market, Intel will introduce the ingredients in the Santa Rosa mobile platform into the desktop. These products are expected to be smaller than most SFF PCs, and as such, requires even lower power parts. Intel will deliver low power 35W Core 2 Duo mobile processors at 800MHZ FSB for this purpose. It will also come with 802.11n wireless connectivity and Intel Turbo Memory (e.g. Robson).

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