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i-mate Mobiles

i-mate: Ultimate Series

Of the six new devices in their arsenal, the i-mate Ultimate series is catered to professional and business users, with full productivity suites and formidable business functions such as support for XGA video output to projectors and displays, a point well illustrated by i-mate with a live demonstration of a video conference call utilizing its video output on an external TV screen. i-mate also envisions their Ultimate mobiles to be able to replace regular notebooks for the road warrior. As Windows Mobile devices, you can hook your i-mate up to a monitor and keyboard to start working.

There are four phones in the Ultimate category, all designed for different tastes and functionality, incorporating all types of input technologies from touch screen, to keypad and QWERTY keyboards. As mentioned, i-mate only deals in Windows Mobile devices, so you can expect all the phones to operate somewhat similarly to each other irregardless of their design. All these phones are 3.5G devices with the Ultimate 8502 and 9502 both supporting HSUPA specifications in addition to HSDPA.

i-mate: JAMA Series

The JAMA series of phones on the other hand are more mainstream oriented. These phones only feature Tri-band GSM network support, but retains most of the Windows Mobile 6 experience.

In conclusion, it seems i-mate's entry into the Asia Pacific region, with Singapore as one of its main regional points, will have a strong impact in the mobile device market. While we see the year coming to an end, it is only the beginning for i-mate and Windows Mobile device enthusiasts.