HP's New Workstations for 2010

HP Workstation Global Media Event, Los Angeles

HP Workstation Global Media Event, Los Angeles

Jeff Wood, Global Marketing Director for HP Workstations, kicks off the event.

The HP Workstation Global Media Event kicked off at Santa Monica, Los Angeles with media from all over the world in tow. HP's workstation lineup is more important than ever for the American company, having recently overtaken Dell to take the number one spot in worldwide market share for desktop and mobile workstations, having started a steady upward climb all the way back since early 2002.

HP now holds the number one position in terms of market share for desktop and worldwide workstations, according to IDC.

Workstations aren't the most exciting thing to cover in tech. After all, where workstations are concerned, you don't get shiny new products every six months to a year. More often than not, workstation product lines only receive minor updates every year or so, with major overhauls coming much less frequently.

With workstations, it's what you can potentially do with all that power that makes things exciting. In today's digital world, content creators and producers are doing more than ever before. Keeping the audience interested is a never ending challenge, with new technologies such as 3D videography and advanced motion capture techniques taking the entertainment industry by storm. Doing all that also means having to deal with mountains of digital data such as the likes of high resolution textures, motion capture telemetry, edge detection and collision algorithms, complicated animations and heaps of other bits and bytes. Present at the event were notable HP partners and customers including the likes of Dreamworks, Agilent Technologies and Adobe.


Small is Big: The HP Z200 SFF Workstation

Terry Pilsner, Vice President for Global Workstation Research and Development at HP shows off the compact Z200 small form factor workstation.

Arguably the most important announcement of the event was the HP Z200 small form factor workstation. Eyeing the entry-level segment, prices start from US$739. Terry Pilsner, Vice President for Global Workstation Research and Development at HP said that the Z200 small form factor was unique on the market in the sense that it was the only one in its class to offer ECC (Error Correcting Codes) memory, for example.

The reworked machine is almost two-thirds smaller than the Z200 mini tower workstation offering, and will offer dual-core options based on Intel Core i3 and i5 series processors, as well as quad-core options with the enterprise-class Intel Xeon 3400 series processors. The smaller size could potentially be very attractive in markets where desktop real estate comes at a premium, Japan and Singapore, for instance. The space saved could then be put towards multiple monitors for simultaneous data analysis and reporting.

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