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HP's New Line of Affordable Business Notebooks

HP's New Line of Affordable Business Notebooks

When the Intel Santa Rosa platform made its official debut, HP had a whole slew of notebooks tuned for general consumers and the business professionals. With that, they also ended the old HP "nx" series of business class notebooks and introduced four new suffixes to denote the different notebook segmentation of the business class notebooks:- standard (s), business (b), workstation (w) and professional (p). However to-date, HP only launched the b/w/p class of notebooks which were mostly professional business class notebooks or tuned for high-end workstation replacement class types. What was missing was a no nonsense business-centric notebook that was affordable and reliable that would appeal to small business owners. That task now befalls on the just launched s-class series.

 One of the fist s-class notebooks, the HP Compaq 6520s is 14-inch widescreen small-business series notebook. Boasting consumer-class design touches, the s-series proves business can mesh with style. The 6720s model is very similar to this notebook except that it features a 15.4-inch screen. Overall, this new series seems to have a very functional design and we're not complaining at its price band.

The HP Compaq 6520s and the 6720s are among the first notebooks to enter this space and unlike the traditional serious black outlook of business class notebooks, the s-series have a friendlier but still professional silver-grey finish. Besides the outer cover, even the notebook's chassis has been refined for a thinner and lighter build than any of its other series. Speaking with Dan Forlenza, Vice President and General Manger, Worldwide Business Notebooks, HP, he pointed that the goal of the s-series was to increase the industrial design for effective cost points, targeted at the small businesses. Did we mention that they are also simple and straightforward to use? With only power and wireless on/off buttons, modern notebooks don't come any simpler than these US$649 workhorses with decent tech specs.

 A closer look of the notebook interior confirms the simplicity of the layout. Other prominent design elements are the hinged-lid construction for the display and the recessed keyboard that's supposes to give the user a more seamless and natural user experience when busy typing away.

 The outer cover of the notebook revealing a less serious but still professional feel from its silver-grey finish.

The typical SMB owner could be a 1-man team or even a 30-man team, but these small business groups often have a more relaxed setup that may not require full fledged business computing machine, but neither does one want a consumer-level notebook which may not come equipped with the correct suite of applications and services required in business environments. Worse still, consumer class notebooks are often pummeled with excessive utilities and software the average Joe. Conflicts, resource utilization, less responsive systems are some of the usual traits from such a configuration leading to counter productivity at some level. With the HP Compaq 6520s and 6720s, HP hopes to capture the growing SMB space with the right hardware options and we think they do have a valid proposition.

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