HP Redefines Printing with Net-Connected Printers

Print It From Anywhere

Print It From Anywhere

How would you like to share documents by having them printed out directly on your recipient's printer without having to go through an intermediary machine like the PC? How would you like to have your favorite newsletter printed out directly from the web? What about accessing your cloud storage directly and have your documents printed without using a PC? Or scan documents directly from your multi-function printer and store them in the cloud, so you can have them printed or accessed wherever and whenever?

Now you can with HP's revolutionary new range of printers that will allow the device to connect and print content directly from the internet. 

The concept behind these new printers is very simple, if you can email it from any device, you can definitely print it on the printer. Taking the PC out of the equation, HP is reinventing the way how people can print to their printers by using a simple tool such as email. 

When you purchase any of these new web-connected printers from the store, the registration process will assign a unique email address to the printer. By simply sending an email to the printer's email address, HP takes the PC out of the process by spooling the print job in its own ePrint servers and have the printing data (PCL data) delivered to the printer via the email protocol. This means that you can print without the need for any tedious printer driver installation.

The motivation for such devices are driven by the explosive growth of the internet and the increasing use of mobile phones to create and share content. With the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and cloud services such as Google Docs, users can now take it a step further by printing them easily from mobile devices such as a smartphone or a tablet like the iPad. 

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