HIS Debuts Concept Radeon HD 7970 X2 and Renewed High-end GPU Models

HIS Debuts Concept Radeon HD 7970 X2 and Renewed High-end GPU Models

HIS On a Roll @ Computex 2012

While everyone awaits AMD to officially announce a Radeon HD 7990 - a dual-GPU graphics card based on the Radeon HD 7950/7970 - partner vendors are sort of disappointed on AMD’s slow progress on this front and have started work on their own iterations. We saw PowerColor’s edition just a day ago and today, we were invited to see what HIS has cooked up.

This triple-slot monster card goes by the unofficial naming scheme of “Radeon HD 7970 X2” - for now. As impressive as this card looks right now, HIS maintains that this is just a prototype edition. They plan to find out how well AMD’s official solution turns out to be before deciding on the better performing card for their line-up. So now the pressure is on AMD to offer a competing solution to NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 690.


A Focus on HIS 7970 X IceQ X2

Apart from the star of their show suite, HIS had a few other prominent high-end graphics card solutions that will enter retail shortly. First up is the single-GPU based HIS 7970 X IceQ X2, which takes on the same cooler design as the above shown 7970 X2 product.


More IceQ Cooler Madness

We also saw even more variation of the IceQ coolers in these lower range of AMD Radeon cards:-


HIS iTurbo Utility

Not only were the cooler designs being enhanced because HIS also focused on tuning the usability and control of their graphics cards. This led to the creation of their new HIS iTurbo utility for a friendly overclocking interface, which doubles up to check card status, control cooling and fan noise aspects. HIS mentioned that their utility is based on an open platform and hence it can interface with all AMD and NVIDIA cards as well.