HardwareZone's 10th Anniversary Special

The Core Categories - News, Event, Articles & Reviews

The Core Categories - News, Event, Articles & Reviews

When SOG and SHZ first started, there were no forums yet. What brought traffic to the site were its informative news, in-house technical articles/reviews and the price list section for computer hardware. These made up the initial core of HardwareZone until late in 1998 when forums became the next integral service.

Kick started by Dr.Jackie, he manned all editorial content and site management back in the Singapore Overclockers Group days. But soon after when his comrades joined into to help launch Singapore Hardware Zone, Jereme Wong too pitched in with Jackie to help review some of the latest hardware back then and scoop for the latest news around to update the fledgling website.

Soon after www.hardwarezone.com was launched, pioneering contributors such as Dr.Jimmy Tang, Vijay Anand (and later staff of HardwareZone) helped propel the reviews, news and price lists sections to greater heights. Dr.Jimmy and Vijay played a key role in energizing the online content by establishing standards for testing, reporting, layout and style of articles. 10 years on, with both having written hundreds of articles and technology pieces, Dr.Jimmy Tang is currently the Editor-in-Chief and CCO of all Hardware Zone publications (www.hardwarezone.com, www.gameaxis.com, HWM, GaX Unwired and PVi), while Vijay is the Editor of www.hardwarezone.com and oversees all content production with the online editorial team that powers the portal and empowers his team to take www.hardwarezone.com to the next level.

The Reviews homepage back in 2001, and already in this snapshot you can see articles from both the pioneers of the editorial team. Click for an expanded view.

From short 1-page articles and limited photo taking capabilities of those early days where some of us used webcams and scanners to capture a product photo, we've come a very long way now. These days you can expect nothing less than a multi-page review using a spread of selected benchmarks that is appropriate for the task and using tools like power meters, infrared temperature gun, thermal probes and others to get accurate test results to reflect various scenarios and a dedicated photo studio with various lighting instruments and a variety of DSLR cameras to get good photography. We go to great lengths to prepare an article. And that's not yet even mentioning the amount of time that goes into research, chasing news, the various testbeds/procedures we have to maintain and constantly renew when required and the various other comparisons we rake up to ensure our readers get the best understanding of the product in review.

Having said these, a Tech Writer's job at HardwareZone doesn't sound quite as straightforward as it seems, yes? But ask our crew and they'll tell you that handling products that are hot off the manufacturing line and not found anywhere yet on the market is a really cool privilege and you get to write about it objectively when handling all the other numerous gadgets and gear we constantly get. Just some perks of the job, but you'll have to learn fast if you're new as the industry is a really fast moving one.

The following are some of the top article statistics we spent time to gather in the category of all-time reader favorites and all-time highest pageviews generating articles. You'll notice that our Athlon 64 Motherboard Shootout article tops both categories and that's because it is so highly sought after that it has amassed more than 10.8 million pageviews and it's still growing daily!


All-time Favorite Articles at HardwareZone
No. Article Year Published
1 The Athlon 64 Motherboard Shootout 2004
2 Modding the Athlon XP into an MP 2002
3 Exclusive : Nikon D70 Digital SLR Review 2004
4 CeBIT Hannover 2005 (Part 6) 2005
5 AMD Athlon 64 Chipset Shootout 2003
6 Preview: Sony Ericsson K770i 2007
7 Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 DIY Guide 2004
8 Anatomy of Creative's Zen Micro Audio Player 2004
9 AMD Athlon 64 Socket-939 DIY Guide 2004
10 Building A Low Cost PC (Part 1) 2000


All-time Highest Pageviews Generating Articles
No. Article Year Published
1 The Athlon 64 Motherboard Shootout 2004
2 Intel Pentium 4 LGA775 DIY Guide 2004
3 AMD Athlon 64 Socket-939 DIY Guide 2004
4 CeBIT Hannover 2005 (Part 6) 2005
5 Exclusive : Nikon D70 Digital SLR Review 2004
6 COMEX 2006 - The Full Coverage 2006
7 AMD Athlon 64 Chipset Shootout 2003
8 IT SHOW 2007 - The Full Coverage 2007
9 SITEX 2005 2005
10 SITEX 2006 - Ground Zero 2006
11 ATI RADEON 9250 Shootout 2004
12 Eight-Way GeForce FX 5900XT Shootout 2004
13 NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra (NV40) Preview 2004
14 World Exclusive: MSI MEGA 865 Deluxe 2004
15 Modding the Athlon XP into an MP 2002

While these are our all-time statistics, there are several promising articles from 2008 that are determined to make it in to our top 50 listing. One of those that actually made it through and is rising fast through the ranks is our Eee PC 901 vs MSI Wind Netbook Shootout ; as days pass, so does its position. For an article that's barely two months old and to be in our top 50 favorites of over 3,000 articles in our database is quite a testament to the nature of the subject as well as the competency of the tech writers in the review team who managed to cast an impression.

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