A HardwareZone Special: PlayTest November 2009 (Updated with Video!)

PlayTest's Booths Part 1 - Productivity and Mobile Lifestyle


At the productivity booth, we had a selection of business-centric notebooks and netbooks, business smartphones such as the Nokia E72 and the unreleased Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 - all focussing on staying connected, working smarter, and creating presentations on-the-go. Work hard, play hard? Nah. Here, we aim to work hard and fast. Yet another very special entry in this booth was the Mobinova N910 Smartbook prototype netbook based on the NVIDIA Tegra chipset.

Speaking of working anywhere on-the-go, being able to create a reliable hotspot for your devices and for your colleagues is of utmost importance. To facilitate that, we showed a few options such as the compact little Aztech HW550 Wireless N 3G router, the M1 MiFi 2352 pocket-able hotspot creator and even a software option using the Connectify application to instantly enable your Windows 7 equipped notebook into a WiFi hotspot.

Last but not least, what if you wanted to present to a small group without huddling around a notebook? That's where 3M's micro projector MPro120 comes into play and we had that for our audience to have a feel too.

Mobile Lifestyle

While the gadgets at the Mobile Lifestyle booth were dwarfed in size by their larger counterparts at the other booths, they held the most attention from the crowd. We had a selection featuring a plethora of cool and interesting gadgets that you shouldn't leave home without: namely, the latest mobile devices and cameras (like the dual LCD screens of the Samsung ST550 - useful for self-portraits and the Nikon S1000pj that has an in-built projector, allowing easy sharing of photos). Other notable mentions of great interest were the HTC HD2, Acer neoTouch and Liquid, as well as the world's first 3D camera not available outside of Japan!