A HardwareZone Special: PlayTest May 2009

Engage, Educate, Entertain - PlayTest May 2009

Engage, Educate, Entertain

These three words sum up our objectives for PlayTest, which sees the editorial teams at HardwareZone.com, HWM and GameAxis coming together to interact with our community. Opening our doors and extending our tech expertise to the community once again, the latest edition of PlayTest came with a renewed focus on giving participants opportunities to play with the latest gadgets. At the same time, our editorial staff was on hand to impart valuable tips and advice on a range of topics. This time, the venue was at our new office at Genting Lane, SPH Media Center.

Building on feedback from previous participants, this edition of PlayTest saw a more structured approach with an overarching theme of photography and videography and various activities for participants to complete and learn during the process. Participants were issued with a report card containing the various activities they had to complete and were given liberty to choose which ones to participate first. Tutorial cheat sheets were handed out so that even novices had a guide to follow and understand.

With a theme revolving around photography and videography, PlayTest #3 was also given a catchy name - the Cam Life Experience. As such, the main highlight and focus of this PlayTest was on a diorama that took up a large portion at the center of the hall. With toys and other photographic models, including a race track for Tamiya model cars in this diorama, our team aimed to teach certain photography and videography basics with its aid.

For those who were unable to join us for PlayTest, you have missed quite an interesting and lively session but don't fret, here are some highlights that our video team captured. Click on the video to head to YouTube for the HD version if you have high bandwidth:-