HardwareZone Iron Tech 2008 - The Grand Finale!

Power Consumption Test

Power Consumption Test

With the important performance segment completed, there was one last twist in the competition. This was the power consumption testing, which aimed to find out which system had the lowest power draw when running at full load. The contestant with the system that had the lowest power draw would get 100 points and so on, descending down to 10 points for the most power hungry system.

To fully stress the system, Furmark, a rendering benchmark and a media encoding test were running simultaneously. The peak wattage number was then taken at a similar point in the benchmark progress and used in the competition.

Since this segment contributed 30% of the final score, all the competitors were obviously concerned about how their rigs fared, especially since even a 1W difference could mean a position in the rankings and 10 points.

 To stress the system, we ran Furmark along with a video encoding task in the background. This was sufficient to get a huge spike in power draw, which was then measured with our power meter.

 Chief Editor Dr Jimmy Tang was responsible for testing the power draw of all the systems.

 A reading from the power meter here showing 347W, which was rather high. The lowest we saw was 250W.

From the way the results turned out, it seemed that those who chose the ATI Radeon HD 4850 generally had lower power consumption figures than those who selected the GeForce 9800GTX+. This was expected given the lower TDP rating of the ATI graphics card but with only 30% of the final score for this segment, would it make any difference in the final reckoning? We'll know soon enough.


Rank of Contestants (Power Draw)
Contestant Power Draw (Lower is better) Points Awarded
Alex Tan 250W 100
Ng Teng Liang 262W 90
Rekky 285W 80
Gil Navarro 290W 70
Chen Tianyi 300W 60
Rangsee Traiwongyoi 303W 50
Jeremiah Ong 305W 40
Ronaldo Bejarin 325W 30
Alva Jonathan 326W 20
Thirdsak Phokha 346W 10
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