A Hardware Zone Special: PlayTest June 2008 (Now with Videos!)

PlayTest: hardwarezone.com and HWM

PlayTest: hardwarezone.com

Hardwarezone.com's booth showcased a three different computer systems ranging from two DIY gaming rigs that were lovingly built by our editorial team and an out-of-the-box system from Acer which was capable of playing High-Definition Blu-Ray and HD DVD movies. Attendees were treated to a visual fest of high-end visuals in graphics as they duked it out on Unreal Tournament 3 and Crysis and caught the latest upgrading tips from www.hardwarezone.com's Vijay.

PlayTest: HWM

HWM's booth was a showcase of the prowess of HD content via a Full HD LCD TV along with a Blu-ray player. HWM also offered a good dose of technical advice when it came to AV and home entertainment equipment. On top of that, HWM's Mobile Communication booth further saw a steady stream of interested mobile phone users keen on the latest and hottest mobile devices like HTC's new and shiny Touch Diamond. HWM's Andy Sim also gave a talk on new HD trends like Ultra-Defs and Wireless HDMI. As a bonus, he also offered participants technical as well as placement advice on the dos and don'ts for selecting a HD TV for the living room.