A Hardware Zone Special: PlayTest August 2008 (Updated with Videos!)

www.hardwarezone.com and HWM


Firstly, let's take a look at www.hardwarezone.com's booth, where we had no less than five netbooks and four desktop replacement systems on show. Mind you, these were no ordinary desktop replacements, rather, these were specifically made for gaming. To showcase their brute power, we had them hooked up together over LAN for a game of Unreal Tournament 3. Other Games like Crysis too were installed to give our loyal readers the real deal. On hand, our editorial experts were present to give our attendees the lowdown on each of the offerings and what sort of notebooks they should look out for in the crowded market of options where one can be easily overwhelmed by the myriad of offerings.

Also, with the tiny netbooks being all the rage these days and with so many of them on the market, we expected many of our attendees to come down with burning questions about them. Hence, we whipped out five of the most sought-after netbooks and let our attendees have a go at them. Some of them were not yet launched and our guests were delighted to give them a go. Good thing they signed-up for the event!

 Remember the old Eagles song "Pretty Maids All in a Row"? In this case, it is "Pretty Netbooks and DTRs All in a Row"!

 Attendees checking out our showcase of the latest netbooks and gaming desktop replacement systems.

 An attendee and David Chieng, Editor of HWM, along with Vincent Chang, our Senior Technical Writer, reflecting upon the finer moments of life.

Over at HWM

HWM's booth was a showcase of a variety of yet-to-be-released phones and the 3D panel from Samsung. The 3D panel, undoubtedly, drew a lot of attention, with many attendees taking turns putting on the special 3D glasses and witnessing for themselves the magic of 3D entertainment. Considering that major movies and shows are starting to embrace the 3D nature that hasn't been fully tapped till-date, they've made a very positive impression overseas and the following year should see more such shows coming our way. Likewise, the Samsung 3D panel we've showcased is just a sneak peek at what's to come in the near future and our attendees were really mesmerized by this.

Over at the mobile phone booth, the darling was of the day was inevitably the iPhone 3G, which was released only a day before PlayTest. Speaking of which, be sure to check out our coverage of the iPhone 3G launch here. Also at the phone booth was our "Fastest Fingers First" contest, where attendees had to finish typing a message on a mobile phone in the shortest time possible.

 HWM Editor David Chieng explaining to an attendee how our 3D display setup works.

 An attendee checking out the iPhone 3G, which was launched only a day prior to PlayTest.

 HWZ.com mobile phone specialist Seow Tein Hee offering Nokia Music Store credits to a "Fastest Fingers First" participant.

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