Hands-on with the Tt eSPORTS Theron Plus Smart Mouse

Tt eSPORTS Theron Plus Smart Mouse

The Tt eSPORTS Theron gaming mouse has been around since 2012 and has seen one major revision, plus a few special editions, making it one of the more popular pro-gaming mice around. The original Theron featured an all black matte design with a rubber-like non-slip body and was powered by a 5,600 DPI laser sensor. In 2013, the Theron Infrared was released with red accents added to its body for a more aggressive look. It swapped out the laser sensor for a 4,000 DPI infrared optical sensor, which actually made the mouse more affordable without losing much performance.

At Computex 2014, Tt eSPORTS once again used the familiar Theron design for their newly announced Theron Plus Smart Mouse. Physically, the Theron Plus shares the exact same design and size as previous models; it also sports the same black body with red accents like the Theron Infrared. However, the Theron Plus no longer features a rubberized matte design. Instead, it now seems to be constructed with what feels like cheap plastic. This is unfortunate since it no longer carries that premium aesthetic enjoyed by its predecessors. Worse, it's also a huge fingerprint magnet now.

The new Theron Plus has a shiny plastic body that's unfortunately prone to smudges.

Other physical features such as profile buttons and removable weights remain the same as in past models.

Under the hood, the Theron Plus will come with an upgraded 8,200 DPI sensor, and this time, it's back to laser again. Another popular feature with gaming peripherals this Computex is RGB LED lighting, which allows you to customize the LED color scheme to your liking from a palette of 16.8 million colors. What's special about the Theron Plus, as a smart mouse, comes with additional built-in sensors that transmit your usage statistics such as click APM (actions-per-minute), distance moved, and lift offs. The mouse works in conjunction with a companion mobile e-Sports app. From what we tested, the real-time tracking wasn't exactly instantaneous. There is a perceptible lag from clicking and moving to the data counter reflecting in the app. However, it does seem to capture everything, so your "post-game" analysis should be accurate.

e-Sports app with real-time monitoring of your mouse usage. Just like any sporting event, this data can be used to monitor a gamer's performance.

Besides click APM, the mouse can also feedback movement speed and lift off count.

Just like many fitness wearables that offer point bonuses, continuously using the Theron Plus will award you with "Click Nitro" at certain milestones. These Nitro points are supposed to be used as some form of digital currency to reward gamers with special discounts or rebates. However, the exact mechanics are yet unknown.

There are also achievements to unlock for additional motivation and bragging rights.

You can share your data and stats on Facebook, email it to a friend or the Tt eSPORTS portal.


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