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Product Guide - Product Detail Page Functions

The Product Detail Page Functions

In addition to displaying a variety of relevant information pertaining to the product, you can also make you of the following functions for enhance your usage experience:-

Share, Compare, Bookmark and Add to Wishlist are some of the functions you can use on the Product Detail Page.


  • If you want to share something with your friends, simply use the Share feature and broadcast it via Facebook or Twitter.
  • This function is denoted by the small bright orange button with a cross in it.



  • Bookmark this page for easy reference. To access your bookmarks, go to the Membership Menu and click “My Bookmarks”.
  • This function is denoted by the small and bright yellow star - similar to the common favorites logo.


Add to Wishlist

  • The world of tech is sure full of temptations!
  • Keep track of all you’re your desired purchases with this simple feature and build up an entire shopping list.
  • To view your Wishlist, scroll down to the Membership Menu and click ‘My Wishlist’.


Compare This

  • If you  wish to compare similar products and see their attributes in a side-by-side table, this function is for you.
  • It also comes in very handy if you can’t decide which product to narrow down for your buying spree.
  • When you click “Compare This”, you will be brought to this Compare Page as shown below.

Here on the Product Comparison Page, you're given options to browse and select other products from the same product group to dynamically generate a specs comparison table.

Here's a cropped screen capture to illustrate how various products would be stacked next to each other for easy comparison while various specification details are listed below. There's no limit to how many products you can add to form your comparison page. If it gets too big, you can choose to collapse/hide some of the products temporarily or even remove irrelevant choices by scrolling down and clicking on the Remove button.


At the top of the Comparison page, you'll find relevant options to save your comparisons or share it with your friend.

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