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Product Guide - Product Detail Page Functions

The Product Detail Page Functions

In addition to displaying a variety of relevant information pertaining to the product, you can also make you of the following functions for enhance your usage experience:-


  • If you want to share something with your friends, simply use the Share feature and broadcast it via Facebook or Twitter.
  • This function is denoted by the small bright orange button with a cross in it.



  • Bookmark this page for easy reference. To access your bookmarks, go to the Membership Menu and click “My Bookmarks”.
  • This function is denoted by the small and bright yellow star - similar to the common favorites logo.


Add to Wishlist

  • The world of tech is sure full of temptations!
  • Keep track of all you’re your desired purchases with this simple feature and build up an entire shopping list.
  • To view your Wishlist, scroll down to the Membership Menu and click ‘My Wishlist’.


Compare This

  • If you  wish to compare similar products and see their attributes in a side-by-side table, this function is for you.
  • It also comes in very handy if you can’t decide which product to narrow down for your buying spree.
  • When you click “Compare This”, you will be brought to this Compare Page as shown below.