Google's New Web Browser: Google Chrome

Speed Freaks

Speed Freaks

Speed freaks will probably love Chrome as Google has taken a speed orientated approach to the browser. In order to get a speed that will make a F1 car blush, Google used both the open-source WebKit and its own V8 Java platform (referencing the V8 engines used in sport cars) which introduces new features like "hidden class transitions, dynamic code generation and precise garbage collection (which isn't as smelly as it sounds).

Hidden class transitions - As we understand it, V8 gets around the fact that JavaScript is classless by making objects with the same properties share the same hidden class and will further dynamically optimize as such.

Dynamic code generation - Other JavaScript engines normally look at the source code and then interpret it internally, which can be inefficient as they would have to constantly keep referring back to their internal representation. What Google's V8 engine does instead is to look at the source code and directly translate it to machine code, which also means that the script only needs to be interpreted once and doesn't need to be referred back to again and takes off from there.

Precise garbage collection - One flaw of current JavaScript engines is that they are pretty much conservative when it comes to memory reclamation (aka garbage collection), which is rather inefficient compared to the V8, which works on the basic premise that the engine knows exactly what to move and re-use, so all garbage collection runs take only milliseconds as compared to processing a larger chunk which will take much longer.

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