The Google Android 2.3 Smartphone Guide



Samsung's approach to the mobile market is akin to tossing a fish net into the sea. Google Android is one of the hopeful catches of the day, which will reel in a significant number of adopters for its mobile devices. True enough, their flagship model, the Samsung Galaxy S, was a big hit with consumers, gaining an equal foothold against the HTC Desire during its launch. Technically, it had first dibs on Android 2.3 through the Nexus S. And in an attempt to outperform its own expectations, we see a hardware upgrade that is fitting for the Android 2.3 update, through the Samsung Galaxy S II.

While the Galaxy S got off to a good start, it had its fair share of woes. This is mostly related to the Android update process. Though the Android 2.2 Froyo update did happen for the Galaxy S, it was a tad late with more Froyo-ready devices appearing on the market. Hopefully, with the Galaxy S II paving the way, we can expect some confirmed news of Android 2.3 updates for the earlier Galaxy series.

For a quick glance at the specifications, here's a comparison between the Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy S II and Samsung Galaxy S.


New Samsung Devices Preloaded with Google Android 2.3

Samsung Nexus S

Show of hands - did anyone not see this coming? In 2010, after Google introduced the HTC-made Nexus One, HTC followed up with its own HTC Desire. For the Google Nexus S, it's no surprise that Samsung is doing the same thing with the Samsung Nexus S. What is the surprise? Instead of a Super AMOLED display, the Samsung Nexus S opts for S-LCD. Other than this change, the Samsung Nexus S is essentially the Google Nexus S, right down to the very last chip.

Device Availability: March 2011

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Samsung Galaxy S II

Improved SUPER AMOLED PLUS screen, a dual-core processor and new content such as additional Hubs, Samsung Voice Solutions and Enterprise Solutions. These are just some of the upgrades that made it to the Samsung Galaxy S II, in tandem with its preloaded Google Android 2.3 software. Much emphasis was placed on the GALAXY S II's huge 4.3-inch touch screen. Hardly surprising really, since it features the new Super AMOLED Plus screen, which provides brilliant color gamut and higher contrast ratio. Like its predecessor, the Galaxy S II retains its wiry and light form. As you can see here, its 8.49mm thick body is impressively thin for a phone that packs a few punches like a dual-core processor, and a 1650mAh battery. We can't wait to test this.

Device Availability: Q2 2011

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Existing Samsung Devices Receiving Google Android 2.3 Update

Samsung Galaxy S

Similar to the HTC Desire, the Samsung Galaxy S is a definitive Android phone that propelled the open-source platform to greater heights. All this is made possible by Samsung's attention to hardware finesse, being the first to employ their 1GHz Hummingbird processor and a exterior to die for.

For those who might have noticed the similarities between the Galaxy S and Nexus S, you're right. Both devices essentially share the same specifications. Question is, why should you consider the Galaxy S, given that both Nexus S will be preloaded with the new Android 2.3 OS? Simple - the presence of microSD expandability and a Super AMOLED display.

Android 2.3 Update Availability: TBC

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