A Gallery of AMD FM2 Socket Based Motherboards Seen at Computex 2012

Biostar's Party of Four

Biostar's Party of Four


Biostar A75MH2

This microATX board featuring the AMD A75 chipset is ideal for a budget HTPC setup that can double up as a media file server for the home.


Biostar Hi-Fi A85S

This lone microATX board is among the three AMD A85 chipset-based motherboards that feature Biostar's new Hi-Fi technology. This new audio technology promises high-fidelity sound due to its ability to isolate the electrical interference from other onboard components, from its audio components.


Biostar Hi-Fi A85W

This mid-range ATX board holds the middle ground among the trio.


Biostar Hi-Fi A85X

The Biostar Hi-Fi A85X is the company's top-end AMD A85 board on display.