First Looks: Windows 8 Preview

The Installation Process

The Installation Process

We enabled the Boot Menu option on the K43S by pressing the 'Esc' button and selected the optical drive where the installation disc was loaded. We had to depress a key in order to boot from the drive.

Upon completion of the loading of the installation files, we had to make our selections for "Language to install", "Time and currency options" and "Keyboard or input method". Our choices were made and we click "Next" to proceed. After which, we were presented with the "Install Now" button which we clicked to continue with the installation process.

Along the way, we also had to agree to the license agreement, select the type of installation (Upgrade or Custom), and where to install the OS. We chose 'Custom' since we were installing a new copy of Windows, and the location to install was the new 'Windows 8' partition that we had previously created.

After that, the installation proper started and could be left unattended until completion. We timed it; it took about 30 minutes from start to finish.

A Small Hiccup

It was not smooth sailing initially as due to a corrupted ISO file, we experienced an optical drive device drive missing error after loading the Windows 8 installation files. This was resolved after the ISO file was downloaded again and burnt onto a new installation DVD-R disc.