Dyson DC52 Cinetic Vacuum - Up Close With The World's Most Advanced Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC52 Cinetic Vacuum - Up Close With The World's Most Advanced Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC52 has 195 patents on it, making it one of the most high tech vacuum cleaners you can buy! 

The Most Thorough Vacuum Cleaner Yet

Think there's not much technology in vacuum cleaners? Think again, Dyson has just launched the DC52 Cinetic vacuum cleaner, the world's first bagless and filterless vacuum cleaner and the result of nearly six years of R&D and $15 million dollars of investment.

In 1993, Dyson introduced the first bagless 'cyclone' vacuum. On top of being inconvenient, traditional bagged vacuums tend to lose suction and clog up as you suck up more dirt. Bagless cyclone vacuum cleaners on the other hand, use a series of cylinders rotating at high speed, which produce enough centrifugal force to separate dust particles right out of the air stream - no bag required for collecting dirt, and no loss of suction! However, up until now Dyson has had to use a filter to catch smaller particles of dirt, as the centrifugal force just isn't strong enough to sort them from the air stream. These filters need to be washed or replaced every few months. 

To get sufficient centrifugal force to suck up smaller particles, you need smaller and tighter cyclones, but smaller cyclones are also more likely to block and clog up. However, after nearly six years of R&D, Dyson's 29 engineer team has come up with a solution. The DC52 model uses Dyson's new Cinetic Cylone technology, which features uniquely designed flexible cyclone tips that can generate extremely small cyclones capable of capturing smaller, and even microscopic dirt particles. In fact, it can suck up particles just 0.5 microns wide - for reference, a human hair is about 40 microns thick! To prevent the cyclones from blocking, the tips are made from a flexible material. The spinning airflow agitates the rubbery tips, setting up an oscillation which prevents dust from sticking to the cyclones and thus keeping them clear. Dyson's engineers actually went through 50 iterations of the technology to find the ideal flexibility for the cyclone tips - too hard and the tips cannot oscillate enough to move dust through to the bin, too soft and the airflow causes the cyclones to shut, blocking them off. 

Cross section of the flexible tip cyclones inside the DC52.

The DC52 is effective on almost any surface. Here's how it fares on hardwood flooring, carpet and tile:


To ensure that the DC52 remains reliable, Dyson's testing team slammed the vacuum sideways into steel blocks 200 times in side impact testing, and after all of that, it still worked! Dyson engineers also spent 9000 hours stress testing the vacuum, the equivalent of around 500 years of vacuuming at home. 

The DC52 is available now for S$1299. If you want to see the DC52 in action for yourself, Dyson has a roadshow set up outside Ngee Ann City this weekend (12th and 13th of July) so be sure to head down to check it out.

The Dyson road show outside Ngee Ann City looks like a set of giant Dyson cyclones!

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