Dopod's Perfect Mini Notebook

Dopod U1000 Has Arrived

Dopod U1000 Has Arrived

Its market share may not be as phenomenal as the likes of Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson, but that has not thwarted Dopod one bit, especially when it comes to satisfying the needs of its targeted user group. After launching a comprehensive portfolio of smartphones and PDA phones in 2006, of which the hugely popular 838Pro and S300 were on the receiving end of both rave reviews and hot retail reception, Dopod has firmly planted itself as a brand to be reckoned with in the smartphone/PDA phone industry. The company's resolve to succeed is all but apparent and judging by the onslaught of handsets launched in Q4 last year, we are almost certain Dopod will be even more aggressive in 2007 - all the more so considering Windows Mobile 6.0 has just been unveiled.

To kick start 2007, Dopod has just launched the U1000 and at first glance, it's easy for anyone to mistake it for an UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC). Well, a computing device it surely is and granted it is from Dopod, the U1000 is also a mobile phone, a storage device, an Internet browser, a camera and a GPS device. This ultra hybrid rightfully earns its "Perfect Mini Notebook" moniker by boasting a big 5.0-inch VGA LCD touchscreen that is paired with a detachable QWERTY keyboard and an Intel Bulverde PXA270 processor clocked at 624 MHz accompanied by an ATI W2284 graphic chip. In fact, if you were to omit the usual acronyms and jargons associated with mobile phones, the technical specification sheet of the U1000 actually reads very much like a portable notebook. As to how the U1000 lives up to its promise as a mini notebook is a story we will be telling in a few days time. For now, here are some pictures we took to whet your appetite of what's heading your way within this month.

covered by a thin layer of aluminum alloy sheet metal, which in turn increases user confidence in handling the mini notebook.

It may has a small footprint but the U1000 has TV/VGA out to project photos, movies and music stored within onto a TV or projector, thereby serving as either a multimedia unit or presentation device. It also comes with a handy MiniSD slot that supports up to 4GB of expanded memory.

This shot depicts how the U1000 would sit on a desk, coffee table or any makeshift platform you could find. The clear acrylic piece at the rear is what prevents the U1000 from toppling over.

For usage while you are on the move, it's best that you use both your hands for a firm grip. We're sure you wouldn't want to conduct your own "drop test" of the $1,998 device.

Last but not least, here's what the U1000 looks like from the front when being used and when placed on a desk. As you can see, the size of the screen together coupled with the QWERTY keyboard really does give the U1000 a credible mini notebook facade.

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