A Day of Shooting with Panasonic GF6 and G6 in Bali

Panasonic Launches New Digital Cameras in Bali

Panasonic Launches New Digital Cameras in Bali

While it's not really news that Panasonic will be shipping new digital cameras, we didn't get a chance at handling the new models when the news broke so how could we pass up an offer to spend a day shooting with them? So it's off to Bali this time around for Panasonic's regional digital camera launch and here are the highlights of the trip. 

The Three New Stars

Panasonic has been growing from strength to strength with regards to its digital camera products and it has set a pretty admirable goal for itself in the future, that is to acquire a market share of 25% in the mirrorless camera segment. But that's not to say that it will neglect the other digital camera segments.

In fact, Panasonic has identified the changing digital camera environment and how the demand for high-end compacts and superzoom cameras have increased due to the smartphone eroding the demand for entry-level models. With that in mind, Panasonic has come up with three new camera models- the LF1, the GF6 and the G6. With the mirrorless system camera market share fast rising, it's no surprise that two out of the three new releases are mirrorless system cameras. And in a bid to drive the point home, Panasonic even prepared two sets of equipment to demonstrate the lightness of travelling with a mirrorless system camera as opposed to lugging around a DSLR camera. 

On the left of the table you have the Micro Four Thirds camera body and lenses, while a DSLR system sits on the right. Both systems' lenses sport the same 35mm equivalent focal length and it's no surprise the Micro Four Thirds lenses are all much smaller and lighter.

The GF6 in three colors.

So with three different choices, how would you know what's right for you? Well to be honest, we weren't sure which model would suit us either so it was a surprise to find out that we would be given the chance to test out the pre-production G6 and GF6 units. Unfortunately we didn't really have a chance to test out the Lumix LF1, but a quick hands on at the product launch made us feel that the LF1 was very similar to the LX7. The LF1 does have a further zoom and a built-in 0.2" electronic viewfinder (EVF), which will be especially handy for those who are shooting outdoors. The LF1 does give us a favorable first impression though we will reserve judgement until we have conducted a proper review.

The three new releases - (from left to right) the LF1, G6 and GF6. 

The LF1 (left), side by side with its sister, the LX7.

The LF1 is slightly smaller in both width and height when compared to the LX7. There's also no hot shoe mount on the LF1.

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