Cool Hardware and Tegra @ The GPU Tech Conference Show Floor

Cool Hardware Showcase

Cool Hardware Showcase

Here we have one of NVIDIA's Quadro based scalable visualization solutions able to span applications across eight displays, drive 4K projectors or panels and support 3D stereo. And its busy serving up an expansive display from Google Earth in this example.

Here's a closer look at the Dell Precision Quadro Plex system driving this visual treat.

And here are the displays again, but this time focusing on Mount Fuji in Japan - a really beautiful sight to behold even if its seen virtually.

This is perhaps the world's first system outfitted with eight Tesla C1060 cards delivering a total of 8 teraFLOPS of computing power. Most others are still designed to fit only four of those Tesla cards in a system. Colfax International is the solutions provider for this personal supercomputer as well as many other variants.

Here's a closer look of this monster system which runs a dual Nehalem-class Intel 2-way Xeon processor system with up to 144GB of system memory.

Scalable Display Technologies is one of the more successful software providers for multi-projector display systems. Shown here is a curved screen experience to provide a more immersive feel in simulation and the likes.

This is achieved via dual projectors screening on the curved screen in conjunction with Scalable's EasyBlend software to provide edge blending and color matching from multi-projector displays. They've even done a 240-degree solution with five projectors with a recent partner, RTI.

How about remote 3D graphics horsepower and the ability expand and locate this solution almost anywhere? That's what Cubix is offering with optical fiber connections and they claim to have the fastest remote 3D graphics solutions. Their Cubix solutions come in a variety of configurations and this one shown here without the GPUs can cost about US$4000. It's a convenient solution to expand outside of a limited server rack space and yet maintain the performance edge.

Here's a localized rendering demo shown by Cubix on their solution. On discussion with them, they mentioned that operational distances can go up to 2 kilometers or more and yet maintain performance as though the solution is located locally. Best part is that there's no video compression involved and it maintains output pixel-for-pixel.

Last but not least, Zebra Imaging was also present at the show floor to showcase its hologram solution examples. The process of creating these holograms involves computational processing power and GPUs play a part here too. While the photo might not be too convincing, in real-life, the holograms are really a page from science fiction. These holograms can be useful in manufacturing, building and medical industries where visualization is key.

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