Computex 2010 Show Coverage - Part 6

Plextor's Booth

Plextor's Booth


We are more familiar with Plextor the optical drive manufacturer, but the company has a few other tricks up its sleeves.

Yup, Plextor has a 2-bay NAS (up to 4TB) that supports DLNA 1.5 and even has a BitTorrent client. It comes with two USB 2.0 ports and is available on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

If you need more storage with more features, then the Plextor PX-NAS4-BL1 4-bay NAS fits the bill, with its network load balancing feature, support for RAID and hot-swappable drives. There's even support for AES-256 encryption.

This is the Plextor we know, with this internal 12x Blu-ray writer that can write to single layer BD disc at up to 12x speed and a double-layer disc at 8x.

Plextor also has SSDs ranging from 64 to 128GB in size. These 2.5-inch MLC-type drives support up to SATA 6Gbps and are Win 7 Trim Command compliant. They use a Marvell 8-channel controller to achieve a max sequential read speed of up to 400MB/s

A USB 3.0 external HDD from Plextor with a shiny exterior housing that weighs around 190g.

An external top-loading Blu-ray optical drive that reads at 4x max.