Computex 2010 Show Coverage - Part 5

Silverstone's Booth

Silverstone's Booth

Silverstone had some really interesting casings on show.

This the RV-03 is the latest in Silverstone's Raven family. Naturally, the motherboard is mounted in a vertical position, with the IO ports facing skywards.

For those who find the Raven series too tame, there's always Temjin series to turn to. This Temjin TJ11 casing is humongous.

This is the Sugo 07 casing, and its special because it comes with a custom built 600W PSU, which means it has enough power to drive the latest high-end graphics cards.

Silverstone's Strider Plus series of PSUs are certified Silver by 80 Plus and comes in a variety of ratings.

There was also a demo for Silverstone's unique overlapping fan design.