Computex 2008 - Part 8

A Showcase of Puma Notebooks

A Showcase of Puma Notebooks

Here we see a pair of almost identical looking 12-inch MSI notebooks. The one on the left is the existing PR-210 running on current generation hardware, but the one on the right is the newer PR-211 using the new Puma platform. In particular, this comparison is highlighting how much lower CPU utilization is on Blu-ray playback.

Next up, we have two similar ASUS notebooks to showcase the difference that Hybrid graphics can make. In this photo, we've here an ASUS F5Z notebook that's using the basic Puma platform, thus running off the Radeon HD 3200 graphics and running the UT3 benchmark. It averages around the 30FPS mark, but often gets to the twenties range in more taxing segments as seen on screen.

And this is the ASUS M51Ta, which is also a Puma platform notebook with the same Turion X2 Ultra processor, AMD M780G chipset, but the difference is that this model comes with a discrete mobile Radeon HD 3450 graphics and is running in tandem with the M780G's IGP in Hybrid CrossFire mode. As seen in the inset, the notebook averages past 60FPS and in very taxing segments, it dips to the 40s range, which is still twice as fast as just relying on the IGP alone.

The Acer Aspire 5530 is similar to the ASUS M51Ta, a Puma platform notebook with a discrete mobile Radeon HD 3450 graphics in Hybrid CrossFire mode.

Clevo too has an identical platform as the above ASUS notebooks, but additionally, it has HDMI and e-SATA output as well as built-in 3.5G HSDPA. All in all, it is quite a feature-filled notebook with a minimalist design.

HP has chosen to upgrade its well-known tx notebook series with the basic Puma platform, and so comes the Pavilion tx2500 entertainment notebook. Still the same form factor, the 12.1-inch touch-screen notebook will offer even more performance than its predecessors and live up to its 'entertainment' moniker.

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