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PC Accessories

PC Accessories Deals at the Show

Here are some highlighted PC Accessories deals at Comex this year.

Logitech Wireless All-In-One tk820 Keyboard

This newly-launched keyboard from Logitech boasts of an integrated touchpad. It is ideal for your HTPC as it allows you to comfortably control the system from the comfort of your sofa.

Comex 2013 Offer

  • Comex Price: S$149


Hall 6, Booth 6718

Cooler Master V8 GTS CPU Cooler

The V8 GTS CPU cooler is the latest addition to Cooler Master's V-series. With its unique-looking design and LED lighting, it will definitely add more pizzaz to your DIY desktop system!

Comex 2013 Offer

  • Comex Price: S$108 (Usual Price: S$118)
  • Comex Promotion: Free Sickle Flow X
  • Brochure


Hall 6, Booth 6709

Corsair Memory Modules Deals

At the Convergent booth, there are Corsair memory kits on sale. From 8GB memory kits for S$95, to the high-end Dominator Platinum 2 x 8GB kits for overclockers, this is where rig builders should head to for their memory upgrade needs.

Comex 2013 Offer

  • Comex Price: Corsair Vengeance (2 x 4GB) S$95, Corsair Vengeance Pro (2 x 8GB) S$205, Corsair Dominator Platinium DDR3-2133 (2 x 8GB) S$309
  • Brochure


Hall 6, Booth 6505

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Wireless Mouse

The Sculpt Comfort wireless mouse features Bluetooth connectivity, enabling you to pair up with your Bluetooth-enabled computing device without the need for any additional receiver.

Comex 2013 Offer

  • Comex Price: $29.90 (Usual Price: $49.90)
  • Comex Promotion: Price Promotion
  • Brochure


Hall 5, Best Denki (Booth 5111); Hall 6, Cybermind (Booth 6725), Harvey Norman (Booth 6406), Newstead (Booth 6431)


Comex 2013 PC Accessories Portal

PC Accessories Buying Guide

Some desktop PC systems may ship without any inputs peripherals and that leaves the onus of shopping around for devices like mice and keyboards to the end-users. In some cases, the bundled stock input devices may not be to your liking; hence, swopping them out with purchases of one's choice is the next course of action.


With the advent of touch-centric GUI brought forth to the desktop by Windows 8 OS, there have been a slew of trackpads that enable users to execute gestures for interaction within Windows 8. Such gestures can be perform without having the user lift their arms to the level of the display device. There are also PC upgrade accessories, like memory module kits to give your desktop PC system a much-needed boost. These kits are usually rated with operating frequencies from 1,600MHz to high-end ones with 2,666MHz operating frequency.




Windows 8 OS-centric devices allow users to indirectly immerse themselves in the multi-touch experience of the new operating system without having to lift their arms beyond the surface level of their desks. They also empower users who have yet to invest in multi-touch display devices.



One of the most common PC upgrade accessories is the memory kit. Such a kit made comprise up to four memory modules that offer up to 32GB of memory capacity. Most of these kits are rated at 1,600MHz opeating frequency while the higher-end ones can go up to 2,666MHz.



OS Support: Some inputs devices are made exclusively for Windows 8; while some have support for both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Hence, do pay attention to the device's specifications.

Capacity: The sweetspot for current memory kits is 8GB of memory capacity. Another point to note is how the memory density or how the capacity is spread over the physical memory kits. A 16GB memory  kits can be spread over four or a pair of memory modules. This will naturally depend on the number of DIMM or memory module slots on the system's motherboard; hence, upgraders and system builders need to pay attention to these aspects.

Check out the latest PC accessories at our HardwareZone Memory Product Guide or the HardwareZone Input Devices Product Guide


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