Comex 2012 - Notebooks, PC Systems, Networking & PC Accessories Buying Guide

PC Accessories - Microsoft & Roccat

Microsoft (Level 6, Booth 6126)


Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

The Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse is one of the first peripherals designed specifically with Windows 8 in mind and targeted at the tablet user group. This Bluetooth 3.0 mouse supports 4-way touch scrolling, which means you can swipe up, down, left or right on the mouse to recreate these actions as if you executed them using your finger on a touchscreen enabled device. Its build quality is excellent and for such a lightweight product, it feels solid and sturdy.

  • Comex Price: $89
  • Comex Promotion: Free 16GB microSD card worth $15.50 (while stocks last)
  • More information: HWZ First Looks


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Roccat (Level 6, Booth 6641 - Corbell)


Roccat Isku

Roccat's Isku keyboard features Roccat's Talk protocol technology which gives users the option of executing mouse macros quickly and easily on their keyboard when paired with a compatible Roccat mouse. Other features of the Isku include programmable macro keys, media controls, and Roccat's Extreme Ice Blue backlighting.

  • Comex Price: $125 
  • Usual Price: $139


Roccat Savu

This medium sized mouse has a fairly aggressive ergonomic shape with a generous thumb groove and a mid to high arched profile. The Roccat Savu is well built and ideal for those seeking a featherweight mouse under 100g.

  • Comex Price: $89
  • Comex Promotion: Free Taito Mini with every Roccat mouse purchased.
  • More information: HWZ First Looks


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