CES Windows Tech Demos - Windows on ARM, 2nd Gen. Surface and More (Updated with Video!)

Windows on ARM Processing Architectures

Windows on ARM - Again

This is yet another topic that has received much buzz these last few weeks with several leaks pointing out that Microsoft is embracing ARM architectures in a big way. From our demo session today, it turns out to be true and unlike past versions that run a stripped down Windows edition such as Windows CE, the next generation Windows architecture is geared for both ARM and x86 processing architectures. As such, we can expect all the familiar Windows 7 goodness to trickle down into devices of various form factors. Microsoft was very tight lipped in revealing any further timelines, interface enhancements or anything else at the moment other than acknowledging such a development. We could only wish it would come to pass sooner. As to the reasons of why supporting this architecture now, it seems like they've finally realized the growing importance of system-on-chip solutions that are becoming wildly popular in the low-cost mobile computing space and Microsoft wants to deliver a no-compromise experience on even these up and coming solutions.