CES Windows Tech Demos - Windows on ARM, 2nd Gen. Surface and More (Updated with Video!)

2nd Generation Microsoft Surface

Our First Glimpse of Microsoft's Surface Gen.2

We've heard from Microsoft sometime ago that they are working on a newer generation Surface technology that is more versatile and advanced than the first iteration that made a big splash. As we've pointed out in the picture below, the new generation Surface technology is no longer a big, bulky unit and is much more compact thanks to new projection technologies. It's now compact enough that it can be fitted in any place and any angle, much like flat panel TVs have been proliferating everywhere and are replacing traditional signboards and information kiosks. Not only they bulk has been reduced, but it's also more advanced as it incorporates more advanced resolution scanning and infrared sensors to detect what's placed on the surface and interact with it. As such, it no longer solely relies on touch inputs.

The second generation Surface technology is now much more likely to be accepted and deployed for commercial usage with the advancement in the system's processing, scanning and interpretation technologies in addition to the more compact profile.