CES 2010: Show Floor Coverage (Part 4)

Panasonic's Booth (Part-2)

Panasonic's Booth (Part-2)

4 multi-tap processing for even higher color reproduction, ultra fast boot-up of just 0.5 seconds, WiFi ready (optional hardware) to access online content via VieraCast.

The DMP-BDT350 is Panasonic's first Blu-ray player that's ready for Blu-ray 3D content in addition to the plus points mentioned for the BD65 above.

Now that the Blu-ray ecosystem is coming down in prices to make it more accessible to plenty more users, Panasonic is getting ready with portable Blu-ray players for high quality entertainment anywhere on the go. While one can't appreciate the added quality of Blu-ray on such a small screen, once Blu-ray becomes the choice for enjoying movies like DVD has been, it's only logical to have a suitable player regardless whether the small screens are a hindrance to viewing them in Full HD resolutions. Beats having a need to get contend on both DVD and Blu-ray.

On to digital cameras, Panasonic has a new FH series launched. Slim frames, wide-angle zoom lenses, 720p HD Video recording at 30fps are common to all cameras in this series. The top-end model, FH20 as shown here has a 14MP sensor, 8x optical zoom, a 2.7-inch LCD screen, OIS and I.A. mode.

The lowest end of the FH series is a 12MP sensor based camera and 5x optical zoom.

Two more new models join the FP series. This one, the FP3, has a 14MP camera sensor, 3-inch touchscreen LCD and 720p video recording.

Watch out, SDXC cards are on their way with the 48GB and 64GB editions launched now and a a good deal of Panasonic's new products launched in 2010, cameras to TVs, support the newer and faster SDXC standard.