CES 2010: New LG HDTVs - Full of Features and Razor Thin (Updated!)

The Great TV Transformation

The Great TV Transformation

The movie and TV industry are going through exciting times as of late with the former venturing into 3D movies while TVs are undergoing enhancements in the form of aesthetics, image quality and even widgets for added functionality. And following our predictions of 3D TVs taking off in a big way as the ecosystem builds up momentum this year, LG too has committed its interest in this area. Among 3D ready TVs, other notable features that are propagating in LG's mid to high-end models in the 2010 lineup are wireless ready and broadband capable TVs (through LG's NetCast entertainment access). We detail more notes through our photos and captions from LG's press conference this morning, direct from Las Vegas in the biggest and most important consumer electronics show on earth - CES 2010.

President and CTO for LG Electronics, Dr.Woo Hyun Paik is responsible for the technology innovation at LG. Most notably, he has a hand in the revolution of TV technology and standards over his many years in this field of development. Dr.Paik gave the press a quick overview of the key areas of improvements that we will see in TVs and other equipment in 2010 from LG.

Among the most captivating and breathtaking of LG's announcements this morning is this prototype LED-backlit TV. What's so special? The entire panel is no thicker than 1cm!

Yes, you've read right, 1cm tops. It's so thin that it's almost surreal. And if you're wondering if all the processing, tuners and more are stored in the lumpy base, LG has told us that this won't be the case in the actual retail models which would sport a very normal base like any of their other current LCD TVs. Mind boggling! Keep a lookout for this critter in the second half of this year.

Closer to actual availability is 41 new LG TVs of the LED-backlit LCD HDTV variety and conventional CCFL-backlit LCD HDTV variety. Among them, the new Infinia series represents LG's latest crop of TVs with a slimmer chassis design, thinner bezels, improved technology and entertainment options over the others. The Infinia design is available in the LE9500, LE8500 and LE7500 series of the LED-backlit LCD HDTV segment, while the LD850, LD 650 and LD550 models of the CCFL-backlit LCD HDTV segment sport the Infinia design. LG's plasma TVs too received an update and the PK950 and PK750 models will carry the Infinia design.

The new LG Infinia design proposition. At 0.92-inches thick (about 23.3mm), that's slimmer than the recently launched LG SL90 series whose bezel is 29mm thick.

This is just a small sample of new TVs of the total 41 models that LG has in store for rollout at the moment in 2010.

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