CES 2010: LG's Booth Coverage (Updated with Video!)

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Infinia - Living Borderless with LG

For CE-giants like LG Electronics, the TV business is a big deal as this one segment alone makes up 50% of the team's revenue. So even though the LG Electronics team comprises of any and all electronics from home entertainment to kitchen equipment, the TV is always the company's biggest focus area. Little wonder that they announced 41 new TV models for the 2010 line-up and will progressively role them out in retail starting from next month. From yesterday's LG press conference highlights, we covered a great deal of new features and functions that consumers will get to see in their new lineup, especially the LED-backlit LCD TVs. Today, we'll move on to other interesting developments in the TV space, as well as other product segments. For those of you hoping to get a more visual feel of what took place at LG's vast booth, we've updated the article to include a quick video highlight:-

A pretty LG ambassador welcomed visitors to their impressive booth, which was almost encircled completely by LG's new Infinia TVs. Seen here is the top of the line LE9500. To find out more, on its features, check out our previous article in the related links section below.

Here's an overhead booth shot - the show floor is mostly devoted to their various TV technologies and educating potential customers.

Here's a showcase of LG's largest 3D ready TVs for the LED-backlit LCD segment and Plasma. Both are designed for active shutter technology based glasses, which offer better picture quality at the moment.

Also discussed yesterday were three breeds of LED-backlit LCD TVs from LG which will coexist based on the price point of the TVs:- Full LED Slim, LED Plus and LED. The latter two are edge-lit LED panels, with the Plus variant having simple localized dimming with up to 16 segments. The Full LED Slim is using a full array of backlit LEDs at the rear for the best picture quality and local dimming support. Picture quality aside, these various technologies also play a part in power consumption:-

What's shown in this photo here are the power consumption figures based on each LED-backlight variety. The most expensive new variety, the Full LED Slim has the lowest power draw thanks to lower-intensity LEDs powering up the various TV portions of the screen. This is in contrast to the standard edge-LED backlight variety where much higher intensity LEDs are required, thus the highest power draw among them.

Still wondering how the top-end sets work to support 480Hz TruMotion? LG breaks it down for you.

To further drive its 480Hz proposition, LG has this illustration to detail it.

Still on the LED-backlit LCD TVs, yesterday we showed you LG having a 10mm thin TV. Today, LG shows off an even slimmer version at 6.9mm! Now this version has all electronics stored at its base, whereas the model at 10mm thick has its electronics directly behind the panel. Expect these prototypes to enter the retail scene in the second half of 2010.

1 contrast ratio and is also made waterproof for expanding its usage scenarios like in the kitchen or restrooms.

Looking for the next generation in screen size and resolution? LG has on display an 84-inch LCD display supporting ultra high definition resolutions.

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