CES 2008: Show Floor Coverage (Part 5)

Intel's Booth

Intel's Booth

 Since Intel didn't really have any 'product' as such to show, they used CES as a vehicle to launch Penryn, their 45nm mobile Core 2 lineup. Nothing too exciting in and outside of geekdom really, but they at least had a full display of notebook partner designs.

 WiMAX demonstrations was again one of Intel's bigger focus on the show. What you see here is a mock F1 car that is actually connected to a small remote controlled car located at the BMW Sauber F1 Pit Lane Park racetrack exhibit.

 Visitors can race mini RC cars in the Pit Lane from the Intel exhibit.

 Both the controls for the RC car as well as the camera feed from the car was carried by WiMAX.

 The other thing on display was the Intel Menlow platform and Silverthorne ultra mobile processor. The highlight of course was the new UMPC - or MIDs (Mobile Internet Device) as Intel calls them now - designs that will be coming up. From what we've seen though, MIDs look like even smaller versions of the UMPC design - more similar to the Nokia Internet Tablets (N800/N810) than anything else.

 Gigabyte's upcoming MID, which as you can see, is a whole lot sleeker in design as well as size than their original U60 UMPC brick.

 Lenovo is heading into MID market as well with this little Menlow prototype � something that they've been keeping quite secretive about for several months now.

 And here, we have a shiny entry from Toshiba. There seems to be no set form factor from what we've seen, but we're sure interested in where Intel is heading with this new MID segment and if the UMPC will finally go the way of the dinosaur with little traction since its inception.

 Cooler Master isn't the only cool case mod in town. At the Intel booth, we spotted the latest Commodore Gaming PCs with custom C-KINS. These babies pack the latest Core 2 Extreme QX9650 CPUs, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra SLI, DDR3-1333 memory on an Intel DX38BT Desktop board. They're rocking Skull Candy as well. Sweet!

 With their new 45nm mobile processors launched, Intel is pimping their energy savings everywhere. In this display, we've got what looks like a MSI low-power OEM notebook looping video playback compared against your average light bulb in terms of Watts drawn. The picture speaks for itself really.

 Another power comparison. This time a Gateway concept home PC against a 60W lamp. Both the lamp and the PC were drawing about the same power at around 58W, so make your own conclusions. Of course, you can always get one of those energy saving 25W fluorescent lamps.

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