CES 2008: Show Floor Coverage (Part 3)

LG.Philips Showroom

At the LG.Philips LCD Showroom


 At the LG.Philips LCD showroom, what we basically got to see was the various research and developments that are going on in the LCD space. In this first display, we've got a 47-inch triple view display that can show up to three different images in full 1080p resolution depending on which angle you're looking on the set. This is achieved by splitting the light from the panel into different paths.

 Here they've got a double-sided 47-inch LCD that uses only a single backlight for both sides. Because of this, it is significantly thinner than conventional models, but is still able to provide the same brightness.

 120Hz has been the talk of CES thus far for TV manufacturers. Here, we got to see a demo of the difference between 60Hz and 120Hz on a full HD IPS panel.

 Here is where 120Hz is not 120Hz. LG.Philips is also looking into different ways of achieving better performance through additional scanning instead of just doubling the frame rate to effectively reach 120Hz. With double frame rate, an LCD achieves an 8ms MPRT (Motion Picture Response Time). By using scanning, performance increases by another 2ms to 6ms MPRT.

 Ultra slim and narrow LCD panels that are fully operational at just 19.8mm thick with a 14mm bezel. Seen here is one of the newest 47-inch 120Hz full HD panel.

 Research going on in an attempt to reduce overall power consumption of LCD panels as they get larger and more powerful. LG.Philips low power LCDs save nearly 20W on a 47-inch LCD, using 143W. This goes down to only 4.3W on their 13.3-inch CCFL low power TFT-LCD for notebooks.

 Demos of next generation Active Matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays, currently developed for mobile phones and media players. Seen here are various new backplane technologies such as a-Si (Amorphous Silicon), LPTS (Low Temperature Polysilicon), A-SPC (Advanced Solid Phase Crystallization) and ASR (Advanced Sunlight Readability)

 There was also a very interesting Dirt Resistant LCD panel on display, but since the panel looks just like any other 22-inch panel when it's clean, we decided to show you the description of what dirt resistant really means.

 LG.Philips showed a 47-inch multi-touch screen at IMID in Korea last year and this CES, they've not only upgraded to a 52-inch, but a 2x2 array of 52-inch monitors. LG.Philips claims they not only have the largest multi-touch monitor, but also the most responsive, with a 90Hz touch response time and the ability to recognize two separate touch points and gestures using its infrared image sensor.

 To cap off our LG.Philips LCD technology tour, there were some reading material for us on flexible AMOLED screens. The ones shown here are driven through n-type a-Si TFT on stainless steel foil.


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