CeBIT Hannover 2007 (Part 8)

ASUS' Motherboards

ASUS' Motherboards

 Here's ASUS take on AMD's 690G platform for AM2 processors and can be found in retail channels now as the M2A-VM HDMI. Its major highlight is that its decked with VGA, DVI-D and HDMI connections. And judging by the daughterboard, Component output is available as well.

 The P5K3-VM micro-ATX board uses an Intel G33 + ICH9 chipset combo, supports 1333MHz FSB processors, dual-channel DDR2-1066, has FireWire, Gigabit LAN, 8-channel HD Audio and SATA 3Gbps ports (no RAID support). Looks like an affordable motherboard and has a decent layout as well. Take note that there's another model using ICH9R Southbridge and uses DDR3-1066 memory - this goes by the model name of P5K3-M (without a "V").

 The ASUS P5K WS motherboard is a workstation class Intel P35 platform motherboard. PCI-X support is the main differentiator here.

 While we are sharing with you on workstation boards, here's the P5NT WS board using an unknown NVIDIA chipset. Highlights include PCI-X expansion slot, dual PCIe x1 slots and supports 1333MHz FSB processors.

 This is far from being a new board, but for being the one and only 'fatherboard' to AMD's Quad FX platform, it does deserve some limelight. Just to recap, this is the ASUS L1N64-SLI WS based on the nForce 680a chipset and supports dual Socket L1 processors.