CeBIT Hannover 2007 (Part 1)

MSI's Graphics Cards, Pg2

MSI's Graphics Cards, Pg2

 In addition to desktop graphics card, MSI is also a manufacturer of MXM modules for sometime now. This one's a DX10 part, which means we can�t be sure (again) of the specs or class. However, it should be a low-end one judging by its form-factor.

 A higer-end version with more memory and a different GPU.

 Getting down to the existing GPU SKUs, this Radeon X1950 XTX water cooled edition that we reviewed previously had undergone a cosmetic change and it certainly looks better now than before.

 An all-passive Radeon X1950 PRO! A rare sight indeed, but one wonders about the temperature rating.

 Also new is the MSI Radeon X1650 XT with 512MB RAM.

 An all-passive Radeon X1650 PRO operating at 500/1600MHz DDR. The connectivitors at the back panel should be telling enough of the segment it's targetting.