A Call from the Past - 10 Years of Mobile Phone Development

Timeline: 2000


  • With the start of a new millennium, a new approach was taken on with a stronger focus on the consumer electronics market. Mobile phones were a serious business even back then and undoubtedly, miniaturization was till the core focus of almost any manufacturer during that era. In the year 2000, we saw the unveiling of the Nokia 8210, which builds on the internal antenna design as seen on its Nokia 3210 and effectively shrinks it down below the size of your palms. With the Nokia 8210 making its entrance (followed by the blue backlit Nokia 8250 with its trademark butterfly navigation pad), the path was laid out for a new generation of phones that does not reveal the unsightly bulge in your pants.

A little nostalgia for all your mobile phone junkies out there who have been modifying your Nokia 8210 to fit your mood, be it from the official ones by Nokia or from unofficial third-party sources.

  • The turn of the millennium was also the beginning of a new trend that brings with it a new era of mobile entertainment and productivity. Utilizing its Windows CE 3.0 kernel and branding it as the Pocket PC operating system, major players such as HP and Compaq were treading on a path where they envisioned a portable PC that could function as a cellular device in the coming years. This was hot on the heels of the Palm OS and its devices that had gained a fair amount of popularity amongst the tech enthusiasts of the time and without a doubt, brought much changes and developments on the mobile device front over the years.
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