A Call from the Past - 10 Years of Mobile Phone Development

Timeline: 1998 - 2000

Before 2000

  • Taking a trip down memory lane, let's reminisce about the good old monochrome devices that got all the envious stares of most people who might still be pager users back then. This was in an era when Motorola, Nokia and Ericsson (now known as Sony Ericsson) were on top of the game with their offerings. Notably, Nokia had a few definitive devices that made strides in its design. To name a few, the Nokia 6110 was an icon amongst mobile phone enthusiasts at that period, and with the advent of internal cellular antennas within the mobile phone, came the Nokia 3210.

www.hardwarezone.com had its eye on the mobile phone front during this period of time, and as we moved on to bigger things, came the next logical step in our technology chase: mobile phone reviews. In the years to come, the mobile phone's growth rate was undoubtedly fast and furious, and with it, the expectations of the consumers grew just as exponentially in this aspect.