BenQ Goes All Out In Mobile Telecommunication



Four years since the BenQ name was adopted over Acer Communication and Multimedia in December 2001, BenQ has been enjoying a series of successful spells that has led to the company making huge strides in growth. As it stands, BenQ Corporation currently has a total of 72 offices worldwide and these are basically segregated into four different regions, namely American, European, Asia and the Middle East (AMEA) and China. The keys business pursuits of BenQ Corporation are in the areas of computing, communications and consumer electronics. However, in terms of manufacturing, the company is heavily involved in the manufacturing of TFT LCD/Plasma displays, CD/DVD rewriters, notebooks, projectors, digital cameras, printers, mobile phones and input devices. In recent times, BenQ has even edged ahead of LG Electronics (LGE) to rank third globally in LCD monitor products. For the year of 2006, BenQ Corporation is targeting to realize its five C's of computing, communications, consumer electronics, crystal (flat panel displays), and cool brand (BenQ).

In town recently was Mr. Philip Newton, Vice President of BenQ Asia Pacific Corporation, and he was kind enough to spend some time off his busy schedule with and share with us his vast experiences and directions of BenQ and BenQ Siemens for 2006:-

HWZ: Hi Philip, can you introduce yourself to our readers and provide a short brief of your responsibilities in BenQ Asia Pacific Corporation (BQP)?

Philip Newton: I am actually holding on to two roles right now. At the same time of holding the post of Managing Director for BenQ Australia, I am also the Vice-President of BenQ Asia Pacific Corporation (BQP). My primary focus for Asia Pacific includes South and Northeast Asia, which essentially means Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

HWZ: Under your fine leadership, BenQ Australia has successfully rooted itself as a lifestyle consumer electronics brand to be reckoned with in Australia. Share with us that success formula when you were the managing director of BenQ Australia then.

Philip Newton: To be honest, we have only just started our efforts in BenQ Australia. I have been stationed here for about 2.5 years now. Back then the unit was but a very small entity and was still under Acer Communication and Multimedia prior. In those early days, there was not a lot of local knowledge and integration, it was really a textbook case of just trying to sell something and see how business went from there. While the method was successful for a number of products, it was not until December 2001 when the BenQ name was officially adopted did we decide to start from scratch. Six to nine months were spent just reinventing the way we established the portfolio of our products. Along the way, we also implemented a 'Customer Experience Facility', which is essentially a test lab where all our products are tested to comply with local parameters. Our success then is just a simple formula of going back to the basics, making sure that the design of our products meets local requirements, releasing products only after they have been rigorously tested by our Customer Experience Facility and putting an extensive customer service network in place to beef up confidence in the BenQ brand.

Following these measures was a very meticulous process of choosing our dealers. It was imperative to understand who cared and who didn't and part of our success was due to us partnering only those who were really sincere and understood our goals. We had to enforce all these in order to explain to the market who we were, what our ambition was and what we were trying to achieve.

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